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Hello!  I'm Jim Bryan.  In 1998 I got my first "real" job as a care staff in an orphanage in NY.  It was scary and eye opening.  I thought about quitting many times in the beginning.  I'd never even been in a fight outside of a few scuffles with my buddies in grade school and all of the sudden I was thrust into this environment where I got choked in the first week!  I stayed and honestly I'm not sure I remember any moment where I decided to stay.  I just kept going back because the kids in the place needed help.  I knew I couldn't fix everything, but I could fix pancakes.  I could fix the remote.  I could fix moments in the here and now.  So I stayed.  After a few months I had become part of something I never knew existed; a true work community.  I made close friends in those first 5 years, friends I still communicate to this day, decades later and over thousands of miles.  The work was hard in a way other jobs just weren't and gratifying in ways other jobs couldn't be.  I felt the gravity of caring for others who could not for themselves, so I stayed.  After 15 years of grinding along, rising the ranks, I finally reached the point where I was in charge of a whole community and after 20 years I transitioned into the role of teacher and developer of teams and communities everywhere.  I've walked the halls of these types of places in the shoes of every level of employment.  


As founder of the Professional Humanitarian Project, it has always been the aim to reach individuals in all walks of life, not just clients, not just staff, and not just co-workers. They are ALL members of this community and they should ALL be reached out to and looked out for.  This project may have started in the healthcare field but over the years its principles have been applied to organizations in marketing, manufacturing, retail, and even entertainment.  Promoting the welfare of the individuals occupying a community is just sound business, in or out of the office.  When a community has people in it that walk with purpose and feel valued any growth is possible!


If interested in a free consultation for your business, your team members, or for you,  simply reach out via the contact info provided and lets get started!

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