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As founder of the project it has always been the aim to reach individuals in all walks of life.  This project all started in the healthcare field but over the years its principles have been applied to organizations in marketing, manufacturing, retail, and even entertainment.  Promoting the welfare of the individuals occupying a community is just sound business, in or out of the office.  When a community has people in it that walk with purpose and feel valued any growth is possible!

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My Story

I started this journey in 1999 on Long Island, NY and it has taken me to Las Vegas, NV, and to where I'm settled now in South Central Pennsylvania.  Professionally I started at the ground level in healthcare as a front line care worker.  Having never worked in the humanities before and having only worked at a video store ( I know, I'm ancient), a water park, and a toy store, I was in no way prepared for a role caring for others. Needless to say it was very hard work.  Physically and emotionally demanding.  I forged some of the first adult relationships in this initial role.

I learned to experience the uncomfortable nature of actual empathy.  No longer separated by a TV screen or magazine page, the suffering of others was in the same room with me.  Very humbling, and frightening to be honest. Front line work for 5 years turned into 5 years of marginal supervisory responsibilities before 5 years of middle management preceded the final 5 years of executive management.  


I told myself in 1999 I was going to be Executive Director one day and 15 years later and two states later, it came  to be reality.  Along the way I received a Masters Degree in Business Management, spoke as keynote speaker, and wrote training curriculums.  When I reached the 20 year mark I became more attracted to teaching and development than working in the field.  They say those that can't do, teach.  I found that those who don't want to anymore but did so effectively for a long period of time, SHOULD teach.


So here I am now, teaching the principles that guided my success as a frontline worker, middle manager, and executive director to anyone who asks for it.  It's helping folks in all walks of life and that's allowed me to cultivate a diverse team of professionals who see this idea as I do.  We are excited to help and have several different ways in which we do.  Some of which only require a person to hang out and watch our content!

If interested in a free consultation for your business, your team members, or for you,  simply reach out via the contact info provided and lets get started!


We're always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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