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The manual to success starts with the book.

Many years ago the trial and error led to frustration and impatience but ultimately was curated to create this book, The Professional Humanitarian presents 7 easy to follow principles to guide success in challenging scenarios.  While focused primarily on residential healthcare settings, the principles have been utilized for interpersonal relationships in and out of work in fields ranging from marketing to entertainment.  This was the long term goal for The Professional Humanitarian Project.

The Professional Humanitarian: 7 Principles to improve how you manage challenging situations and cultivate civility

The Professional Humanitarian speaks to the core of all human services professionals from teacher’s assistants, to police officers, to nurses, and so on. The methods shared in the book have been drawn from decades of experience in crisis situations that have required decisive and measured response.  The foundation of an appropriate response is in how professionals respond to crisis.  This book creates a pathway to success. 

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